The Lumenis ResurFX is the latest cutting-edge route in non-ablative, fractional laser technology to improve skin discoloration, stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles, and more services. It’s the top-rated technology that banishes almost all your prevailing skin concerns and unveils the fresh skin that makes you look even more attractive. The best skin care clinic in Lucknow for skin treatments to resolve your concerns about skin issues. Visit our clinic in Lucknow!


Trying to ward off wrinkles, unwanted birthmarks & other skin irregularities? Then CO2 Laser Treatment is the right pick for you! This treatment effortlessly treats skin conditions by precisely removing the thin layer of skin with minimal damage to the surrounding tissues.


Dessert marks are usually a topic of concern for most women. Caused due to weight fluctuations, pregnancy or even birth injuries, this treatment is an incredibly effective and noninvasive option for treating your burns & marks. It’s a must try for clearer skin.


Say goodbye to the adverse effects of sun damage! Providing a gentle and smooth rejuvenation for a radiant looking skin, our Intense Pulsed Light treatment improves skin complexion or colour and texture without undergoing any clinical surgeries and serious pain.


Exfoliate your best skin yet! Reveal healthier and glowing skin, layer by layer with this extremely superficial and painfree peeling treatment. Helping you reduce hyperpigmentation, acne scars, dullness and tanning, Chemical peel procedure will surely give you golden results.


Let’s fight against those stubborn pimples and acne by treating your skin with our exclusive acne facials. Helping you unclog your pores and eliminating your dead skin cells, this treatment targets deep cleaning of your skin impurities, debris and oil.


Do you continue to break out despite having tried many remedies? Then this treatment is for you!
Acne scars are hard to avoid but not with this treatment. This solution scrapes off the acne scars and helps you get beautiful acne-free skin.


Give your skin the intense modification that it needs! Re-texture and tighten your skin with the latest Q-switch M22 technology. It not only tightens the skin surface but also helps treat 30 other skin conditions, along with tattoo removal.


Discover a younger and prettier looking you with our microneedling procedure. It involves treating your skin with sterilised needles, pricking the surface of your skin that helps in increasing the skin elasticity and boosting of collagen.


Looking to camouflage your uneven spots? Then this treatment is surely a mood setter for you!
Keeping your skin pigmentation even and lighter, this cosmetic procedure is a one-time solution for intense pigmentation that makes your skin softer and flawless.

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